Dropzone Closed on 07 September 2014 ยท No AFF and ASL available.

In the sky of Luxembourg since the 1950's

The Cercle Parachutiste Luxembourgeois has a long tradition. It still is today an active and up to date skydiving club. It's instructors and coaches are constantly training theirselves in techniques and safety matters. If it's sharing the experience in briefings and debriefings or discretely supervising everyday business, the Cercle Parachutiste Luxembourgeois makes sure people have fun, stay safe and feel like having their place in the family.

What we do

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    Tandem jumps

    Tandem jumps are the easiest and fastest way to enjoy freefall. Attached to an instructor you can enjoy freefall at 200 kph from 4000m towards earth.

    Please note: Due to an unusual high demand in tandem jumps and the impact from last year's bad weather conditions we currently have a waiting list.

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    Skydive school

    Choose from one of our training methods, either AFF or ASL and become a trained and safe solo skydiver.
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    Demonstration jumps

    Make a good impression! Image is everything. With our demo team we guarantee your event to be anything else than boring to your visitors or clients.